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NetBeans 8.2 Released

The NetBeans community has completed voting with 89% of respondents stating that NetBeans 8.2RC is ready for release. As such, NetBeans 8.2 has been released today.

Voting time extended for NetBeans 8.2RC,

Due to a few last minute fixes the community acceptance vote for NetBeans 8.2RC has been extended

NetBeans accepted as Apache NetBeans

Earlier this month, a proposal was made to change the governance of the NetBeans IDE to be maintaned by the Apache Software Foundation rather than via Oracle.

New Spring Boot Releases

Spring Boot 1.4.1 and 1.3.8 have been released

Is NetBeans 8.2RC Ready?

The NetBeans team have announced the release of NetBeans 8.2RC and are asking for users to complete the Community Acceptance Survey

Using JBoss AS 7 With NetBeans

Unfortunately the latest version of NetBeans (the soon to be released 7.3) doesn’t provide native support for JBoss AS 7.x. JBoss versions prior to this are supported, but it’s been a long wait for AS 7.x support.

Using FindBugs with NetBeans 5.5

FindBugs is a static analysis tool that helps developers find bugs within their source code. To make using FindBugs easier within NetBeans, a NetBeans Plug-in is available.

Changing the JDK Version Used by NetBeans

When you install a new JDK on your PC, NetBeans doesn’t automatically use the new JDK, rather it will continue to use the JDK that was defined when NetBeans was installed.

Using the ShrinkWrap Maven Resolver for Arquillian Tests

This article assumes that you’re familiar with using Arquillian for testing Java applications. If you’re not familiar with Arquillian, then I suggest you check out the guides at

Introduction to Maven – Part 3

In the previous article about Maven, I discussed how to use Maven to create a new project and then how to execute the project via the command line.



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